Crop Circle Formation at
Neilburg, Saskatchewan, Canada

a report by Judy Arndt

posted Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1999, updated December 4, 1999

The Neilburg formation was discovered September 3, 1999 in wheat when the field was being swathed. It wasn't there on August 23, when the field was sprayed.

A central circle 45 feet in diameter is flanked by three arcing arms of smaller circles. There are eleven circles in all. The total size of the formation is about 185 feet, north to south.

I now have revised diagrams based on our measurements and an aerial photo. See a larger diagram with measurements.

Aerial photos:
1. more detail
2. more landscape
3. image distorted to simulate overhead view

View from the south-most circle towards the north.
South arm

Looking west along the west-pointing arm.
West arm
Wide image of center circle (tiled from two photos). That's my husband, Mike, taking notes.
Center circle (128K)
South arm, fourth from center.
This image was tiled together from several photos.
South #4 (180K)
North arm, second from center.
Detail of central whorl.
North #2 (117K)
West arm, third circle.
West #3 (110K)

My husband, Mike Arndt, and I drove out to Neilburg from Edmonton, Alberta on Sunday, Sept. 5. The farmer kindly met us at the formation and allowed us to take pictures and measurements of the circle diameters.

The stalks were bent over right at the ground, regardless of the roughness of the soil. A few stalks in some of the circles had apparently been left standing and had been cut by the swather. Because the stalks were still quite flexible, the swather rode over the circles, leaving the stalks beautifully laid and undisturbed.

We can't judge the authenticity of this formation, but we can say this. It was consistently neat. There were no signs of breakage of the stems.

More photos on
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Judy Arndt

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