Crop Circle Formation, Acadia Valley, Alberta, Canada
Discovered September 4, 1999

a report by Judy Arndt
posted September 26, 1999, updated December 4, 1999

The Acadia Valley formation was discovered in a crop of durum wheat when the farmer was swathing. The seed was mature, pointing to a date of formation near the date of discovery. See a larger diagram with measurements. We visited it on September 21, 1999.

The 30 foot diameter west circle is in the foreground, looking east through the corridors.All plants were laid close to the ground. Weed stems are still horizontal at the base, but the branches are growing upwards to the light. The wheat remains horizontal.
Larger image of west circle and view to the east (107k).

In the 30 foot diameter center circle, all plants are laid close to the ground.
Larger image of right side of circle (118k)
Large view of this circle's central whorl (204k).

In the 60 foot diameter east circle, perhaps 90 percent of the crop was laid hard to the ground. What amazed us were the hundreds of small standing tufts, distributed evenly all over the circle! Each tuft is comprised of only few stalks. A few weeds were also left standing upright.

My photos don't do justice to the uniformly delicate, airy, textured look of this large circle. Larger detail view of tufts in east circle (105k).

We found many deformed nodes and expulsion cavities in the laid crop in the circles. While we were examining nodes, we noticed that the grain in the east circle, in an area from the center towards magnetic north, had the highest number of nodes that were severely distorted.

Each of the nodes in the following photos is an apical node, which is the node nearest the seed head. Larger view of four deformed nodes.


Larger view of six deformed nodes.


These are nodes taken from standing crop, 75 feet from the nearest circle.
Larger view of normal nodes.

The geometry of these circles is fascinating. Here's a diagram of my findings so far. (Astromomer Gerald Hawkins discovered five new Euclidian geometry theorems while studying crop circle geometry.)

It appears that there were some powerful energies at work here. My husband, Mike Arndt, and I took soil and grain samples from this formation for the BLT Research Team.

Report by Judy Arndt

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